Doubt It

We live in a world of NO, don’t we?

We live in a world where doubt has become almost the default position. Doubt is sticky and it’s so easy to doubt even the things that we know to be true.

We doubt or beliefs and believe our doubts, even though doubts are never meant to be believed.

We go through our day doubting everything. We doubt every decision we make as parents, spouses, bosses, coaches, etc. No matter how good we get and no matter how much affirmation we get, there’s still this doubt that comes in and gnaws at us.

Love YOU Too Much

Love YOU Too Much

The very best coaches love their athletes so much that they demand perfection.


Their standards are high. They expect the absolute best from their players. The small things matter. They won’t accept anything less than the best.

Because they have a vision for their athletes that the athletes might not see. They invest in their athletes with no clear return on investment.

As a result, their athletes would run through a brick wall for those coaches.