Commitment Issues

We have a commitment problem.

There are all different types of commitment. Financial, emotional, spiritual, time, and relational, just to name a few. But no matter what the commitment, we have a commitment problem, and it’s one that seems to have emerged in the past few decades.

My dad worked the same job for 45 years. Same place, same job, same coworkers for 45 years. I recently met a security guard at a High School who had been doing the job for 32 years.

Those people made commitments to a place, and their actions have been informed by those commitments.

Goon of the Bible

We’ve got to be as diligent in the little things as we are in the big things. The little things give us the reps we need to be successful when the big things come.

Naaman was going to miss the blessing of God because he was too prideful to do the little thing. And so often we miss the best of life when we’re too prideful to do the little things.

Don’t let your pride keep you from going all in and giving your best to what you’re doing.

Don't Flinch at the Impossible

Don't Flinch at the Impossible

You know those times in life when it seems like something is impossible? When you can’t possibly get over that obstacle that’s standing in your way?

Commander Mark Divine talks about not flinching in the face of the impossible.

Last year I ran the Spartan race. If you don't know what the Spartan race is, it’s basically a gigantic obstacle course with a 5k thrown in for good measure.



Last year I ran a Spartan race.

If you’re not familiar with the Spartan race, go google it and you’ll understand just how nuts it is. It’s mud, dirt, obstacles, stairs, ropes, and just all around insanity.

I’d always told myself that it was a goal of mine, but last summer, a buddy of mine and I did it. We ran just over 4 miles, climbed 88 flights of stairs, and made it out alive.

Charlie Mike

Charlie Mike

How many unfinished things do you have in your life?

In the military, often times a unit or a commanding officer will try and throw in the towel. Maybe a mission isn’t working, or he doesn't think he has all the resources. And more often than not, the message that comes down from the top is simple:

Charlie Mike. Which is code for “Continue Mission.”