Goon of the Bible

We’ve got to be as diligent in the little things as we are in the big things. The little things give us the reps we need to be successful when the big things come.

Naaman was going to miss the blessing of God because he was too prideful to do the little thing. And so often we miss the best of life when we’re too prideful to do the little things.

Don’t let your pride keep you from going all in and giving your best to what you’re doing.

My Son Has a Girlfriend

 My Son Has a Girlfriend

My 5 year old son Harrison told me the other day that he has a girlfriend.

You can imagine my shock and surprise. He’s 5. He’s not supposed to have girlfriends yet.

So I pressed him a bit. I asked him some details about this girl and this is what he said. “She doesn’t be mean. She doesn’t take other people’s snacks. She’s 4 years old. She does everything the teacher says.”

Rep the Brand

Rep the Brand

I recently heard Coach Braxton from Howard Payne University say something to his football team that really impacted me.

He said to his players, “if you guys make the honor roll, when they call you out, they’re going to identify you by the fact that you’re a football player at Howard Payne. But the same is true if you get arrested tomorrow. Rep your brand well.”

Wherever we go, whether we excel and succeed, or stumble and fall, we are repping a brand. We are repping our family’s brand, our company’s brand, and for a lot of us, our God’s brand.

Rep your brand well.

The Reward of a Disciplined Life

The Reward of a Disciplined Life

In our latest episode, Mackey is talking about the very real idea that our private life will become our public life.

We act out of the overflow of our hearts. What we do is a physical manifestation of what we believe. If we say we believe one thing, but our actions behind closed doors show differently, then we probably do not in fact believe what we claim to believe. Our actions always define what it is we believe.

To protect against the negative views, you must live a life above reproach. We need to make sure that there is not even a possibility that someone could perceive our actions incorrectly.