The Undisciplined Pursuit of More

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Summary of Main Ideas

Our culture wants more.

More money, more status, more square footage, more horsepower. More.

More is not always bad. Here at 2Words, we are doing everything we can to reach more people with our message, get in front of more students, and impact more people with the 2Words curriculum.


But my friend Brian reminded me of a quote the other day by Jim Collins that says, “The undisciplined pursuit of more is how the mighty fall.”


When our pursuit of more becomes undisciplined, when it becomes more for the sake of more, we lose sight of what is really important.


Our eyes shift off of our core values and pride begins to creep in. We think, “if I just got that promotion, or that house, or that spouse, then I’d be happy.”


It can be easy to look at the season of life you're in and think that it is the only place you will ever be. But you know what’s great about seasons? They change.


So by all means, pursue more. Seek to be better, seek to grow your impact, touch more people, do more good, and be more generous.

Just make sure that your pursuit of more is disciplined. Otherwise you’re just doing more for the sake of more.


“The undisciplined pursuit of more is how the mighty fall.” Jim Collins

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.” Guillaume Apollinaire

Reflection Questions

  1. Where is your pursuit of more getting out of control and veering towards undisciplined?

  2. What is one area in your life where you know that you are well disciplined?

  3. How are you using your pursuit of more to better the world and the lives of your loved ones?

  4. Where have you lost sight of what is really important?