Hour 21

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Summary of Main Ideas

It almost doesn’t matter what you say.


Think about nearly every sports game that you watch. With the exception of a few plays, you don't talk about the individual plays.

You say things like, “the defense was lights out tonight,” or “man it seemed like they completed every single pass.”


You’re telling the story of the game. You are telling the narrative of the game, and the narrative of the game is always greater than the individual plays.


It is the narrative that gets remembered.


Few people can talk about individual plays from the ‘72 Dolphins’ undefeated season. But that is a feat that has yet to be bested.


We have to understand that in sports, and in life, it’s not about what we say with our words, it’s about connecting with the story that is being told with our lives.


The same is true for you. There is something about you and your work that connects to the world on a deep, unseen level, and if you spend all of your time getting the sales pitch, or the process just right, you’ll miss it.


Tell the story of your life, and tell it with passion, and tell it with conviction.



“I'm the cover of a book, whose pages are still being written” Richard Ratliff

“Sometimes sharing our lives story is, perhaps, the best way to let others know about our faith, belief and convictions.” Latika Teotia

Reflection Questions

  1. What’s happening in the unseen world?

  2. Where’s the deeper connection in my day to day with the people around me?

  3. What story is your life begging you to tell, but you’re missing it because you’re focused on the details?