Teach a Man to Fish

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Summary of Main Ideas

What makes GaryVee so popular? Why does he have the following that he does?

I think it’s because Gary doesn’t spend much time telling people what to do. He wants to help people change the way they think.

He doesn't spoon feed people answers. He shows people how to get the answers.

When we teach people how to think, we don’t have to give them an answer, and when we learn how to think, we don’t have to know the answers to every question.

When you learn to learn, you are setting yourself up to be successful in the game of life later on.

When you learn algebra, you aren’t so much learning how to solve equations, as you are learning how to solve problems. When you learn how to treat people in the locker room, you develop skills that you can use later on in life.

I have no desire to be anybody’s answer man. . What i want to do is point to the larger picture. To say, “Here’s how you can begin to think and therefore know how to solve your own problems.”

There will come a time in our lives when the questions we get will be bigger than the answers we have been given. I want to be prepared for that when it happens, and I want you to be prepared too.

Father Richard Rohr talks about this process of moving from construction to deconstruction to reconstruction.

As you move through your life and your faith, you encounter things that challenge your fundamental beliefs. So you can either ignore those questions, or you can wrestle with them and learn how to hold them in tension.

You can begin to learn that it’s okay to ask questions. That it’s okay to have doubts. That deconstructing your faith is okay because it can lead to a reconstruction of an even more robust faith.

The same is true in life.

Not everybody will move to deconstruction. It’s scary. But this week, lean into the questions. As you find yourself facing the big questions, ask yourself, “Am I relying on answers, or on a process?”

When you find yourself relying on answers, stop and ask yourself one more question: What would happen if you were to simply begin to ask questions?

You’ll be amazed at what you begin to learn.


"Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Don’t teach a man to fish…and feed yourself. He’s a grown man. And fishing’s not that hard.” Ron Swanson

“The great weakness of much Western spirituality is that there is little understanding of the necessity of darkness and “not knowing” (which is the transformative alchemy of faith)” Richard Rohr

Reflection Questions

  1. What questions are you afraid to ask about life, faith, or anything else?

  2. What is it that you hold so deep that if it were taken from you, you would fall apart?

  3. Why is it scary for you to ask questions? What are you afraid will happen?

  4. What questions do you need to ask this week? How can you begin to deconstruct so that you can reconstruct?