Chick-FilA Somebody

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Summary of Main Ideas

What is normal for you?

There things in my life that are absolutely normal to me that seem absurd to anybody else.

Waking up at 3AM, driving five hours to give a few 20 minute talks, then turning around and drive five hours home, only to wake up tomorrow and do it all over again?

For me, this is totally normal.

What’s normal for us is odd or different for others.

But we need to step out of ourselves, look at what is normal for us and ask ourselves why?

Why is my normal normal for me? What kind of impact does that have on the world around me?

Are the things that are normal for me that way because they’re what's best for me, or am I operating at this level of normalcy because it has been inherited or I’ve just sort of fallen into it?  

If a boat drops an anchor, it slows down, but after a bit, that drag becomes normal. Then another anchor is dropped, there’s more drag, and then the boat adjusts.

We drop all sorts of anchors in our lives. Because of pain, hurt, or any number of reasons.

So why do you do what you do? Don’t be satisfied with one why. Ask yourself three or four whys.

Why is your normal routine your normal routine? The first 30 minutes of your day can determine the rest of your day.

What’s normal in your relationships? What’s normal in the way you respond to adversity?

My bet is that if you really take audit of your normal, there’s more than one thing that's normal for you because you’ve simply stumbled into it.

If you question your normal, you can find areas to PlusOne your life.  Where can you improve?

What if generosity became our new normal? What if we talked to everybody the way they talk to you at Chick Fil-A? What if the next time you’re at the grocery store, you skip the self checkout, go to the register, talk to the checker, and be generous with all of your resources?

Find an area of normal, and question it. When you get to the answer, take action and change your normal.  


“Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion.” Anonymous

“Make generosity part of your growth strategy.” Anonymous

Reflection Questions

  1. Who is one person who’s “normal” seems crazy to you?

  2. What is one area of your life that seems normal to you that would seem insane to someone else?

  3. What led to that normal? Was it a decision you made? Or was it decided for you?

  4. What would it look like to take control of that “normal” and change it?