Make Hay While the Sun Shines

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Summary of Main Ideas

Every day I read a chapter from the book of Proverbs.


There are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs, and it just so happens that most months have 31 days. I can think of no other more transformative practice that I have adopted in my daily routine.


The book is practical, applicable, and even if you aren’t religious, provides valuable insight and wisdom on the best way to live.


Today I read Proverbs 10, and found 6 big ideas that I wanted to share with you, along with a key verse for each of those topics.


Honest Life

(v. 2-3, 6, 7, 9)


Verse 9 “Honesty lives confident and carefree, but shifty is sure to be exposed.”


When we live an honest life, when we have nothing to exposed, we don’t fear being exposed. But what is done in the dark will eventually, always, come into the light.

If your entire life, every decision you made, or social media post you made, was projected on a screen for everybody to see, would you be okay with it?


Live an honest life, and you have nothing to fear.



(v. 4, 15-16, 22)


Verse 4 “Sloth makes you poor; diligence brings wealth.”


Diligence isn’t just about quantity, but quality. You have to do enough, but you have to do it well.

When we focus on only one or the other, you only live into half of your true potential. You will always be tempted to take the easy way out, or do the bare minimum, but anything worth doing is worth doing well.


Wisdom vs. Stupidity

(v. 1, 5, 8, 13-14, 19, 23)


Verse 5 “Make hay while the sun shines - that’s smart; go fishing during harvest - that’s stupid.”


Life is filled with things that are smart, and things that are stupid.


The problem is, even the right thing, done at the wrong time, is still the wrong thing. Timing is everything.


If your boss does something that you know isn’t right, the middle of a meeting in front of all your other coworkers is probably not the best place to call him out.

You’re doing the right thing, but you’re doing it at the wrong time.


A lot of times we want to try to baptize our stupidity. We try and shoehorn our impatience or our bad decisions into being God’s responsibility.


Don’t make that mistake. Do the right thing, and do it at the right time.


Good vs. Wicked

(v. 3, 6-7, 11, 20-21, 24-25, 27-28, 30-32)


Verse 6-7 “Blessings accrue on a good and honest life, but the mouth of the wicked is a dark cave of abuse. A good and honest life is a blessed memorial; a wicked life leaves a rotten stench.”


The problem with being lost, is that nobody starts out lost.


You don’t get lost all at once. You gradually make little decisions that get you more and more off track. You make a few wrong turns and before you know it you’re in the middle of nowhere.


You make enough small, bad decisions, and before you know it, your marriage is in trouble, you’re in debt, or whatever the case may be.


Focus on the good.


Words of our Mouth

(v. 6, 11, 14, 18-21)


Verse 31-32 “A good person’s mouth is a clear fountain of wisdom; a foul mouth is a stagnant swamp. The speech of a good person clears the air; the words of the wicked pollute it.”


How would you describe the impact of your words?

Are you using them to build people up? Or are they being used to destroy people?

The tongue is the deadliest weapon we wield. It can do untold damage to our spouse, our kids our coworkers, and everybody we come into contact with.


Keep control of your tongue.


Stand Alone

(v. 10, 17, 26, 29)


Verse 17 “The road to life is a disciplined life; ignore correction and you’re lost for good.”

Verse 29 “God is solid backing to a well-lived life, but he calls into question a shabby performance.”


What you do, and how you do it matters.  

We are all going to be held accountable for the actions that we’ve taken and the decisions that we’ve made.


The question is, are you going to be proud of your decisions?


“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.” Proverbs 18:21

“The speech of a good person is worth waiting for;  the blabber of the wicked is worthless.” Proverbs 10:20

Reflection Questions

  1. How would you describe the impact of your words?

  2. Which of the above resonated most with you? Why?

  3. Are you living a well disciplined life?

  4. At the end of your life, will you look back on the decisions you made with pride? Or with regret?