Prominent vs Significant

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Summary of Main Ideas

For too long, we’ve bought into the lie that if something or someone is prominent, they must be significant. And that if someone can’t be significant without being prominent.


But all you have to do is open up a celebrity gossip magazine to understand that prominent and significant don't always go hand in hand.


Just because you’re on the front page, doesn't mean that you’re changing the world for the better.


I love doing what I do. I have a whole crew that works with me to make 2Words happen. From curriculum to videos, from writing to podcasts, there is a whole tribe of folks that are incredibly significant to what I get to do every day, but they’re not front and center.


One isn’t better than the other.


The best position for you to be in is the one that is best suited for you and your skill sets. The one that will best amplify your impact in the world.


Often times we jockey for a prominent position or a significant position because we think it will be good for us. And it may be.

But what if the position on the other side of the coin would be great? What if that were the one that would really amplify your impact on the world? The one that would allow you to unleash your full self?


If you find yourself in a significant but not prominent position, don’t look down on yourself. Just because you’re not in the limelight doesn’t mean that what you’re doing isn’t crucial.

And if you find yourself in a position that is prominent, but not entirely significant, always celebrate the folks in the other position. Show them just how important they are.


The best player on the field isn’t always the best leader, and the best and most vocal leader isn’t always the best player. Don’t buy the lie that you have to be prominent to be significant, or that aren’t significant if you’re not prominent.


“Comparison is a thug that robs your joy. But it's even more than that - Comparison makes you a thug who beats down somebody - or your soul.” Ann Voskamp

“It's the thing that you do well that brings you to prominence.” Christine Baranski

Reflection Questions

  1. Where are you comparing yourself to the more prominent or more significant people in your lives?

  2. What is it that you do every single day that brings the world joy? That impacts the world for the better?

  3. Who do you need to recognize for their contributions to your success?

  4. Where have you been chasing prominence when you should be after significance, or significance where you should be after prominence?