Are you talking to me?


Summary of Main Ideas

The way you talk about yourself will eventually become the way that you talk about, and to, others.

We live in a culture of negative talk. We say things about ourselves that we would never in a million years say about, much less to, other people. We are our worst critics, and we are relentless.

Before Jesus does anything in his public ministry, before he heals anybody, forgives anybody, or preaches one sermon, he is baptized. This culminates with the spirit of God telling him that he is pleased with him.

Jesus lived out of the knowledge that he was wholly loved and accepted by God. He didn’t have time for negativity, especially negative self talk, and neither should we.

When you start to live from the knowledge that you are loved and worthy, your entire disposition changes. You begin to be more generous, and gracious, and patient with everybody you come into contact with.

Think about it this way: if you go to a restaurant and have a fantastic experience, you might tell someone about it later.

But if you go to a restaurant and have a negative experience, you will tell anybody who will listen.

Negativity has immense staying power in our lives. If we let it, it will lay hold of us and not let go.

Father Richard Rohr says that “if you don’t transform your pain, you will transmit it.” Well the inverse is true as well. If you do transform your pain into peace and positivity and generosity, you will transmit that instead.

The idea of God changes our brains. This is not a truth claim about God, but a scientific fact. Your view of God impacts the way that you act. If you worship an angry, vengeful, mean God, you’re going to be an angry, vengeful, mean person.

But if your God is kind, forgiving, benevolent and compassionate, your demeanor will follow.  

Let’s change the way we talk about ourselves. Leadership guru Zig Ziglar put together daily affirmations (linked below) for you to say to yourself every morning and every night for 30 days. Give it a try. You’ll be amazed at how naturally your self image will change.


“If you don’t transform your pain, you will transmit it.” Richard Rohr

“The currency you recieve is the currency you will give.” Luke Norsworthy

“Consistent, positive self talk is unquestionably one of the greatest gifts to one's subconscious mind.” Edmond Mbiaka

Reflection Questions

  1. Where have I been speaking negatively about myself, and how can I begin to change that negative talk into positive talk?

  2. What are some of the ways which your view of God has altered the way you view yourself?

  3. Who in your life can you partner with to help immediately stamp out negative self talk?