Who are your people?

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Summary of Main Ideas

Who are your people?

Who are the people that you think of day and night? Who are the people that you want to sacrifice for, lose sleep for, or inconvenience yourself for?

Once we begin to understand who our people are, we start to find our little corner of the globe for which we have been uniquely created to make an impact.

You can find your people in a lot of different ways. Maybe they’re from work, or you share a hobby, or they’re your family, or you share a faith tradition.

Wherever and however you find your people, once you do, it changes everything. You’re able to work past the difficulties, past the “i don't want tos” and get up and get going, serving them to the best of your abilities.

The day will come when you just can’t fathom getting out of bed. You’re comfortable, content, and can’t possibly be bothered to go take on the real world. When it does come, knowing who your people are, that helps you move forward.

When the day comes that you dont’ want to get out of bed for yoru people, when you know who your people are, that helps you move forward anyway. Move past the difficulties.

When IT is just not worth it, THEY will always be worth it.

Every morning, I take a 60 second ice cold shower, and if I dont’ step into that shower on purpose, it is the longest 60 seconds of my day.

But when I make the conscious decision to step into that shower on purpose, and with purpose, those 60 secnos fly by, and I’m ready to get to work for my people.

Purpose is what helps us push through the difficult times. When we know our WHO, it doesn’t really matter WHAT we’re asked to do.


“Once you know your why, the how of overcoming an obstacles becomes easy.’” Viktor Frankl

Reflection Questions

  1. Who do you feel like your most authentic self around?

  2. What do you do that makes you feel alive?

  3. When was the last time that you lost track of time? What were you doing, and who were you doing it for?

  4. Where would you gladly spend 60 hours a week?

  5. Why do you love those people?

  6. How can you love or serve the people and places?