Noah Said


Summary of Main Ideas

There’s a mythical creature in my son’s life. I’ve never met him, I know nothing about him, but I know that his name is Noah.

My son is constantly talking about Noah.

“Noah said this,” or “Noah did that.”

The problem with Noah is that everything the 5 year old punk says is the exact opposite of they way I’ve raised my son. Noah is trying to undo in 5 months what it’s taken me 5 years to instill in my son.

It got me thinking: We all have a Noah in our lives. A voice, or an experience, or a regret that is constantly whispering negative things about us in our ears.

We end up making decisions today based on what our Noah told us weeks ago, or months ago, or decades ago.

Ultimately the truth is what is going to set us free. Once we learn to ignore the voice of Noah, we see past the smoke and mirrors and live into who we really are.

So the next time Noah tries to talk to you, step back and write down what he is saying, then write down all the ways that he’s dead wrong. Odds are, Noah is nothing more than a punk who needs to be stepped to.


“We all have a Noah in our lives.” Stephen Mackey

“Listen to the voice of truth, not the voice of ‘Noah’” Stephen Mackey

Reflection Questions

  1. What is your Noah?

  2. What is your Noah telling you that you know isn’t true?

  3. What do you need to do to shut out the voice of your Noah and move into your truth?

  4. Who do you have in your life that can help you shut out the voice of your Noah?