At Mackey Speaks, one of our favorite assemblies to do is for middle school and junior high students!  

These students are at the incredible life-intersection of child-like wonder and adult understanding; excitement and curiosity, and caution and skepticism. It's at this crossroad that students make some of the first decisions of consequence that they will make in their lives, and it's where Mackey Speaks loves to encourage. 

In fact, it was in 7th grade that Mackey heard the good news that would change his life forever; it was in the 7th grade he heard that he was responsible for himself-- and it changed him forever! Bring that life changing message to your students!

Drugs | bullying | Character
GOAls | Test Prep

Whatever your Middle School and Junior High school assembly needs can be sure that the message of Mackey Speaks will hit home for your students!

Mackey will share his story--in an age appropriate way-- and timeless principles that will both challenge and encourage your students! 


Middle School Student Testimonials:

“He was awesome. He has done a lot of good things with his life, and I want to make good choices like him.”
Matthew B., 6th grade

“Mr. Mackey was very funny and he is an extremely strong person. He talked about never giving up and staying drug and alcohol free. His message was very inspirational for all of us.”
Shannon O., 7th grade

“I keep thinking about how he said that we can achieve our dreams no matter what obstacles are in the way. He showed us that he did that, and we can do it too.”
Bailey C., 8th grade