"the best 45 minutes of the year!"

Darren H. 
Teacher and Coach,
Tatum, Texas


Bring the Inspiring story to your school

Courtesy of  MJ Antu Photography  

a child born to a teenaged mother...

who was just 16 years old, had blonde hair, blue eyes; who's father was an older black man, and was born in a small Texas town where racism was far from gone.

a boy who faced bullying, racism, the fear of inadequacy, and countless opportunities to fail... 

because others failed to see the value of his life, spoke lies to him about the value of his dream and the source of his worth, and offered short-term contentment in place of long-term achievement.

a life researchers had declared destined to fail... 

not because of his choices, skills, talents, or potential, but because of the environment he was born into-- something he had absolutely no control over. 

a man who overcame the statistics... 

that said he would be less likely to do well in measures of standardized testing or in high school, and less likely to go to college; he would be more likely to be arrested, father a child out of wedlock, and to live a life of poverty.

hear the story of Mackey...

who early in life decided that statistics wouldn't determine his future...he would.

Hear the powerful story that will give your students hope, equip them with perspective, and inspire them to action. 

My dream is to earn a scholarship, go to college in another country, and become a lawyer. But my family is so poor, I wanted to quit. What you said today— your story— it gave me the strength to pick up my dream again. And fight for it. And never give up. Because I am worth reaching my dream.
— Ariana, High School Student from Honduras